Spinal Injuries

Did you know that 250,000 people in the United States suffer with spinal cord injuries?
These injuries can deeply affect your life and ability to work. If you have been involved
in an accident that caused spinal cord injuries, you could be entitized to come
compensation. Ask legal representation for help to see if you are eligible for a claim and
find out who is at fault. Earning damages can help with any medical bills piling up from
the injury.

Causes & Symptoms

About one-third of spinal cord injuries are caused by automobile accidents. Spinal cord
injuries can lead to paralysis or a neurological injury (loss of feeling or losing control of
movement). Symptoms include pain the back or pressure on the head or neck along
with difficulty walking. It is important to always seek proper medical care if you have
been involved in accident and think you could have suffered injuries. An experienced
attorney will evaluate the case and prepare extensive documents needed along with
diagnosis, treatment and expert medical testimony to build a successful claim.

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