Sexual Abuse

Of course, all sexual abuse situations should be reported to authorities right away. Most
cases are dealt with in criminal court, but some can also include civil lawsuits. A
personal injury lawyer can help you get rewarded any financial damages from liable
parties if involved in a sexual abuse situation.

California Rights

In the state of California, sexual abuse victims have the legal rights to receive damages
from medical bills, counseling bills, any pain and suffering caused, disability or loss of
earnings from not being able to work. These incidents of sexual abuse can occur
anywhere and responsible parties could include people who work at churches, schools,
nursing homes, foster care agencies or even in your own home.

File a Claim

If you have been a victim of sexual abuse, you need legal representation from an
experienced attorney. It is important to investigate which parties are liable and should
be held responsible so that you can earn what you deserve to help pay for any bills that
you have accrued. The team at Hann Law Firm will fight to get the answers.

Contact Us!

At Hann Law Firm, we are here to talk to you about your rights and understand all
circumstances of the incidents. We are here to listen to you and help you during tough
and sensitive times. While you recover, you don’t have to worry about your claim, as we
will take care of everything.



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