Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can come out of nowhere, leading to devastation and causing
harm. Over 500 people are either killed or injured in the state of California on their
motorcycles. These accidents can lead to massive medical bills and even time off of
work. But know that you aren’t alone in the process and can get the help you need to
file a claim.

Filing a Claim

The staff at Hann Law Firm is no stranger to dealing with motorcycle accident claims.
We know it is a tragic event that can be life changing. If you have been involved in a
motorcycle accident, you need the support from an experienced attorney to help reduce
stress and fight for the compensation that you deserve. You always want to file a claim
immediately and never wait. At Hann Law Firm, we know insurance claims can be tricky
and are there to deal with insurance companies for you. It is an extensive process that
you don’t want to go through alone. A qualified attorney will know what you need for a
successful claim like proper documentation such as medical records and incident

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The right legal representation can help with a claim and earn you a fair settlement along
with ensuring the insurance company will listen and assist you if other parties are
responsible. Hann Law Firm can help relieve stress from your plate so you can focus on
your recovery and still get the compensation you deserve.



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