Elevator and Escalator Injuries

Elevators and escalators are used often, especially in the state of California. There are
over 900,000 elevators and 50,000 escalators across the United States and even
though they can be safe most of the time, injuries are actually more common than you
may think. In fact, 17,000 people are injured each year from elevators and escalators,
leading to 30 fatalities. An experienced injury lawyer can help determine who is liable
and fight to get the compensation you deserve from your injury.

Regulations & Liability

All operating elevators and escalators must adhere to safety regulations. If the property
owner fails to perform routine inspections and maintenance, they could be found at fault
for any injuries that occurred. Also, faulting machinery or improper installment can lead
to accidents and put you at serious risk for injury. Trips, falls, sprains, head injuries or
anxiety can all be caused from getting caught between moving parts, collapsing on an
escalator or getting stuck in an elevator. If you have been injured from an elevator or
escalator, speak with a personal injury attorney to see if you are eligible for
compensation. Plus, they will be able to investigate the case to see who really is at fault.
It could be the property owner, the company of the elevator or escalator or the company
who installed them.

Filing a Claim

Always seek medical care immediately if you have been injured by an elevator or
escalator. Make sure to keep track of all proper documents like medical records and
official reports of the accident. You may need to contact insurance company to file a
claim and an experienced attorney can help you with that and make sure that the
person liable for your injury pays a fair settlement.

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