Dog Bites

A dog bite can happen at any time and anywhere , causing a lot of pain to the victim
along with anxiety and long-lasting ailments. The dog bite could be so severe that it
causes the victim the inability to work. To get the compensation you deserve, work with
a trusted personal injury attorney who has dealt with dog bite cases and knows what to

California Dog Bites

California has the highest rate of dog bites than any other state. But unlike other states,
a victim can receive compensation if bitten by a dog that has no previous bites on
record. Even if it is just a minor injury that doesn’t even break the skin. There are many
different scenarios where a dog bite can occur. A dog could get away from their owner
in a public place. Every dog owner has the responsibility to keep their animal under
control to prevent injuries. Or, a dog bite can happen on private property, which often
includes utility workers, postal workers and other professionals. Any time you have been
bitten by a dog, you should get proper legal representation. With the right guidance, you
will get a fitting settlement that you deserve from the liable party.

Filing a Claim

Working with an experienced attorney that has dealt with dog bites that have caused
personal injury in the past can make for a seamless and stress free case that can
usually be a tense and complicated situation. The trusting team at Hann Law Firm will
understand the claim and make the right negotiations to get you the best settlement
possible. You won’t have to worry about the stress of a claim while trying to recover,
you can leave the experts up to it.



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