Construction Accidents

Many areas in California are thriving and that is leading to a spike in construction sites
across the state, usually to repair existing infrastructure or build a new one. These
construction sites includes heavy duty equipment and in a fast-paced environment,
which can cause serious injuries. If you have been injured in a construction action, you
should seek legal representation so they can help you moved forward with a claim to
get you awarded the compensation you deserve.

California Regulations & Safety Guidelines

California does have strict regulations and safety guidelines regarding construction
sites, but accidents do happen. All sites should be up to date on all safety codes and
compliant with all safety guidelines. But to cut costs, some construction sites are less
than ideal. If a construction site is unsafe, negligence can occur and could cause
injuries from falling or tripping on unsecure platforms, using equipment that
malfunctioned or operating heavy-duty machinery. An attorney that specializes in
personal injury from construction accidents can help you lead a civil and organized


Serious health risks and injuries can be caused from unsecure construction sites. This
includes physical pain or ailment from accidents, causing medical bills to pile up along
with having to miss work, causing stress, anxiety and mental anguish. But you can get
the help and expertise you need from Hann Law Firm to help you move forward with
your claim so that you can focus on getting better.

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