Brain Injuries

Suffering from a brain injury can be traumatic and impact all functions of the body,
leaving day to day activities being difficult. A legal service is sometimes needed if
suffered from a brain injury after an accident. Seeking legal advice and representation
can get you the compensation you deserve from an accident that caused any brain

Common Brain Injuries

Over 1 million people suffer with a brain injury. Some brain injuries that can happen due
to an accident include blunt force trauma from either a vehicle accident or a sudden hit
to the head. Falling can also cause these injuries. Sometimes, you may see a delayed
onset reaction meaning that you may not realize you have an injury until later. Proper
medical treatment is important, especially if you are looking to file a claim.

Symptoms of a brain injury include:

  • Unconsciousness
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Sleep Disorders

A brain injury can be life changing and impact your daily affairs. Always get a physical
and physiological evaluation to see what is going on and if you need to file a claim to
receive compensation.

Pursing a Claim

Proving a brain injury from an accident can be difficult to prove. An experienced lawyer
can help walk you through the process which includes investigating, making the claim,
providing extensive medical documents and medical expert testimony. You may be
entitled to damages if your brain injury was caused by someone or something. From
past, present and future medical bills to compensation rom missing work, you may
receive damages from the accident. At Hann Law Firm, we are here to talk to you about
your rights and understand all circumstances involved. We are here to listen to you and
help you during tough and sensitive times. While you recover, you don’t have to worry
about your claim, as we will take care of everything.



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