Boating Accidents

California is full of sunshine and great weather, making boating a favorite pastime. But it
can be a dangerous activity that results in injury. In fact, over 1,000 boating accidents
happen in California each year, leading to 50 fatalities. Being injured in a boating
accident can be painful and costly, which is why you need an experience accident
lawyer to navigate the case for you to get any compensation that you might be owed
from the accident.

California Boating Laws

The state of California does have specific laws when it comes to boat operation. Any
person operating a boat must be registered and insured. Just like with operating any
vehicle, drinking and driving a boat is prohibited. If these laws are violated, negligence
could play a role in some injured boaters’ claims. The person operating the boat is
legally liable for everyone on board. Not only do they need to provide enough lifejackets
for everyone on board, but they also are responsible for covering any damages to
physical property. If you have been injured in a boating accident, you could be entitled
to damages if you can prove negligence with the help of a trusting lawyer.

Pursuing a Claim

There are many reasons to meet with an experience accident lawyer to see if you are
entitled to any compensation. Such injuries include falling overboard, slipping, drowning,
injuries from crashes or onboard fires. You always want to document your injuries and if
any negligence occurred. If injured, you could face massive medical bills on top of
losing wages from not being able to work. It is critical to talk with a lawyer to help file a
claim. At Hann Law Firm, we can help you prove that the operator of the boat had a
duty to your safety and it didn’t meet the standards, resulting in injuries. Having dealt
with so many accidents in California, we are capable of leading you to a successful



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