What Constitutes Negligence in a Construction Accident

Accidents can happen anywhere, especially at construction sites where there is plenty of heavy machinery and unstable platforms, all in a fast-paced environment. If you have been injured in a construction accident and negligence played a part, you could be awarded damages.

What is a Construction Accident?

Construction zones are dangerous areas. Often times, a person is injured or property is damaged during a construction project, whether it is a remodel or a new building. Minor to serious injuries and health issues can result from construction accidents. This will bring on medical bills, bills from missing work, extra stress and anxiety from the injury and the accident. A construction accident can involve the construction crew or even a private citizen, and in the end, these accidents are usually avoidable.

What is Negligence?

There are many protocols and guidelines that need to be followed during construction projects and in construction zones. Since these areas contain big and heavy machinery, your safety is at risk in these hazardous environments. This means extra measures must be taken to ensure safety at these construction sites.

All construction sites must have signs and display warnings that it is a dangerous and unsafe area. Clear documentation should also be displayed stating that private citizens are not allowed on the premises. However, if these regulations or protocols are not followed, neglect will be found that results in injury. If neglect is found, then the construction crew or construction company should be held responsible. Injury is also typically caused by faulty machinery, unstable platforms and unnecessary debris causing tripping hazards--just to name a few.

What if I Have Been Injured in a Construction Accident?

If you have been injured in a construction accident and neglect played a role, you should work with an attorney to file a claim. However, the first thing you should do is receive proper medical treatment and report the incident to the right people. Then, talk with an attorney that specializes in construction accidents. While you are trying to heal from your injury and recover from an accident, you don’t need the extra stress of a claim. Leave the work up to an experienced lawyer that will work to gather all of the documentation needed to prove negligence played a part.

Working with Hann Law

The construction industry is thriving in California, with many remodels and new buildings popping up. Hann Law specializes in construction law and is familiar with Sacramento construction accidents. The team at Hann Law also understands that being injured in a construction accident is difficult and will be sensitive to you and your needs during the road to recovery. From the beginning of the case to the end, Hann Law will offer you support and guidance during your case while they will continuously fight for the damages that you deserve.